3D Photography With Your iPhone – Change the Look of Your Photographs!

3D pictures are turning out to be an important part of the promotional photography business. Nowadays, most of the professional photographers make use of the 3D picture software packages available in order to get the best out of the promotional photographs. The best feature about this particular software is that it lets you change the basic shapes, but also adds a number of interesting effects to the photographs. This software helps you to work with layers and you can create complex 3d pictures using just a couple of clicks of the mouse.

To start off with the process of creating 3d pictures with 3d picture software, first you need to open a new photograph in the software. Then go to the layer tab and click on the rotate button. After that, select the shape tab and click on the shape that resembles your object of desire in the photograph. The rotation options allow you to create a slightly different angle or skew for the background of the photo so as to make it look more interesting.

Apart from the obvious difference in the appearance, by selecting different angles, you will be able to alter the stereo effect of the picture. When you adjust the stereo, it will give the effect that the object or location is placed at a different angle from the rest of the background. In fact, by adjusting the stereo slightly, you will be able to create different effects like warping, popping and hollowing.

You can use the stereo option in order to change the appearance of the 2d image by cropping the image slightly. To do this, you need to click on the view icon at the bottom of the screen. Then you need to choose the view icon which means turning the 2d picture inside the camera to the stereo mode. The stereo 3d pictures will be placed inside the camera’s viewfinder.

This technique will work only if you have already taken some 3d pictures with your iPhone in portrait mode. If not, you may need to shoot your iPhone into the camera roll after taking one picture in portrait mode and then switch to normal mode then take some more 3d pictures. Now, once your iPhone has switched back to the normal mode, your iPhone will recognize the images you’ve taken as portraits and will automatically put them in the right place. If you want to change the appearance of your 3d pictures in portrait mode, all you have to do is switch to landscape mode and then take some more 3d pictures.

All in all, when you take some 3d pictures using your iPhone with the portrait mode on, you can try various techniques so that you can have different looks from each image. For example, if you really like flowers, you may consider cropping the background and putting some trails behind the flowers. You can also change the colors of your 3d pictures. And best of all, changing the look of your 3d pictures in portrait mode with your iPhone will not affect the quality of the image since everything is in the middle of the frame.